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Rock Your Systems: January 2014 Edition

What makes the difference between having promisey-dreamy-never-gonna-happens and an actual plan that gets shit done? Two things – both of which you can get in this class. $67, class starts January 6th. Find out more & sign up here.

Free Mini-Strategy Sessions

Not sure which of the below options is the best for you? Want a laser focused kick in the pants that’ll let you walk away with one thing you can do today to make your biz life easier? Sign up here.

Consulting + Wrangling

Project & Systems Wrangling

One of my gifts is sorted through a mess of information and immediately seeing + mapping out a clear course of action that’ll get the results wanted. This always reminds me of herding cattle or something, so I call it wrangling, and it comes in two varieties: projects or systems.

Systems Wrangling: Is your business feeling just a liiiittle bit clusterfucky? (Or maybe even a lot?) Is your lack of systems slowing you down, but your business is moving fast enough that you just don’t have time to revamp everything? Work with me – we’ll get you sorted.

Project Wrangling: Have a project that needs a swift kick in the pants? Putting off starting it (or finishing it) because you’re not sure what to do next? Come one, come all, get your projects wrangled!

Other Services

Project & Operations Management: Six figure business owner, tired of drowning in the details & want to hand your operations management off to someone else? Check this out. (Openings coming soon – email me if you want to talk.)

Launch Management: Want to make your next launch a success without the stress? Let’s talk launch management. I’ve done everything from lickety-split fast turnaround let’s-get-it-out-the-door launches to launches with a 90 day prelaunch marketing plan. I’m still actively taking launch management clients but I like to customize each service package to match your launch like a glove (or a sexy well-tailored dress), so email me if you want to talk about working together, or just go ahead & set up a 30m consult call here.

If we’re going to work together: you should definitely check out my client & communication policies, to make sure we’re all on the same page, and ready to rock it out together. Mwah.  


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