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The 2014 Plan Your Year Kit


Product Description

A special combination of workbooks & planners that’s intended to get you super clear on where you want to be going – and then show you how to get there, day by day.

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It’s that time of year again. We’re dealing with the holiday rush that’s starting to swirl up around Thanksgiving, and there won’t be a whole lot of relief from the rush until after Christmas (after which, we get all of a week to take a break & celebrate the new year, before going back to our daily lives). All too often, we get stuck in a pattern of reacting at this time of year & enter the next year with a numb mind and a tired body, without consciously thinking about what we want, how to get there, and what we can do to take care of ourselves while we’re getting there.

There are a lot of things you can do to make sure that doesn’t happen. And I have one of them! Introducing the 2014 Plan Your Year kit.

The purpose of the kit is twofold:

  1. To get you into a practice of regularly checking in with yourself and giving yourself the support that you need.
  2. To get you connected to & uber-clear on your big vision – where you want to go – and actively moving towards it with everything you do.

Included in the pack:

The Big Vision Workbook

You know you’ve got a big vision for your business – even if you haven’t actually sat down to think it out. You want more than the money, right? (Money is all well and good, but it’s not the reason most of us do what we do.) You need to know your big vision and have a way to move towards it – the problem that many people run into is that they either don’t think about their big vision when making business decisions, or they don’t even bother to articulate their big vision to themselves in their first place.

After completing this workbook, you’ll know what your vision is, have a way to remind yourself of it & use it to make decisions, and have action steps to quit the projects that don’t further it and to get more of the projects that do.

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The Monthly Planners for 2014

These planners take the insight you received from the Big Vision Workbook and make it actionable. You’ll have a place & a way to map out your goals for each month, how those goals are moving you towards your big vision, and what you’re going to stop doing or delegate every month. There’s also a monthly calendar so that you can map out any events (travel, conferences, etc.) that will be happening that month and how those events will affect your work & your business.

The Weekly Check-In/Check-Out Questions

These questions are designed to help keep you in the moment and noticing what works and what doesn’t, throughout your week. They’re all about reflecting on what you want to have happen each week, and how you can support that. They’re quick, too – and I guarantee that the extra 10 minutes at the beginning and end of your work week will make a world of difference.

The Daily Self-Care Planners

The purpose of these planners is to get you checking in with yourself on a regular basis. And they’re undated, so you can start using them immediately – no need to wait for 2014 to start! A lot of the problems we run into (head-first) could be prevented if we were better at sitting down and saying to ourselves, “Okay, this is how I’m feeling today. This is how that’s going to impact my work. This is how I’ve been feeling overall lately, and given that, I think I probably shouldn’t take this new project on.” One of the biggest causes for burnout I see – and not “I’m taking a rest after finishing a big project” burnout, but “holy shit I can’t even get out of bed what happened to my brain” burnout – is that the burned-out-individual didn’t have a practice of regularly checking in with themselves before taking on that next new thing. If you don’t pause to consciously realize that you’re exhausted from the last project before jumping in to the next one, you’re headed for trouble. These planners give you a chance to take that pause, momentarily, on a daily basis.

What people are saying:

I really liked the simple elegance of Michelle’s planning tools. They appeal to my logical side, while still giving my creative side the freedom to play. … I also liked the emphasis the pack places on self-care. … Finally, I liked the way everything in the pack fits together from start to finish. It’s great to have something that takes me all the way from creating my “big vision” right down to the day-to-day actions I’ll need to complete to achieve that end result. … [T]he basic kit on its own costs $15, but I believe Michelle could easily charge two or three times that and still offer good value for money.

-Tanja of Crystal Clarity Copywriting – read her full review here!

Michelle’s honest-yet-positive approach to personal inventory makes it easy for me to quickly identify my problem areas while simultaneously honoring and honing in on my strengths. Most impressively, the process is cumulative; the more consistent I am in using these tools (which I’ve combined with pre-existing routines to create über-productivity), the deeper my discoveries at the end of each week and the more effectively I adjust my practices. … This toolbox has been instrumental in helping me to create the momentum and success that has been manifesting in my life over the past couple of weeks. Since I started using it, I’ve accomplished several things for which I’d been “wishing” for quite a while, but which seemed too abstract to attain. 

-Steven Williams of Executive Dysfunctions – read his full review here!

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