What if:

What if there was one thing you could do – one effort – that could

  • decrease rates of HIV/AIDS
  • decrease hunger
  • decrease poverty
  • decrease illiteracy
  • and get more funds circulating in the developing world?
Wouldn’t that be nice?

The good news is: there is.

Why the Girl Effect?

Because: less than two cents of every international aid dollar is directed towards girls.

Because: pregnancy is the leading cause of death for 15-18 year old girls. And girls with no schooling end up married younger; and girls who marry younger are more likely to be involved in an abusive marriage.

Because: when women and girls earn income, they turn around and put 90% of that income back into their families and communities.

What can you do, right now?

Spread the word – share the videos, or the 10 Actions poster. Write a post on your own blog. Talk it up! Most people don’t know about the Girl Effect or what they can do to help. And of course, there’s always donating, which you can do here or by texting GIRL to 50555 (within the US) to donate $10 to the Girl Effect.

It’s possible that “we can make a difference” is one of the most cliched phrases in the history of cliched phrases. But it’s true. We can make a difference, to a girl and to her family and her village and her world. So let’s do it.