Beating Self Sabotage: An Interview With Helen Hunter MacKenzie

Helen is one of my favorite ladies! She’s smart, funny, and always willing to check you on your assumptions. So when I saw that she’s doing a program (that looks amaaazing), I knew I had to get her on the phone so that we could talk about beating self sabotage & noticing + breaking out of old patterns. (Bonus topics: why a lot of self-help is actually not all that helpful & why affirmations never worked for Helen.) It’s about 30 minutes long, and totally worth a listen!

Download/listen to the call here

Find Helen at the Cause Effect.

Resources mentioned: 

Bryon Katie, “Loving What Is
Dr. Helen Schucman, “A Course In Miracles
Ariel & Shya Kane, “Working On Yourself Doesn’t Work” (she didn’t mention that book specifically, but says it’s a good starter)
Wayne Dyer, “Real Magic

What did you think? How do you notice when you’re self-sabotaging yourself, and break the pattern?