Curious about my “why”?

So, y’all may have heard of a lil thing called B-School, which is currently in a pretty large launch process. Right now, I have too much up in the air financially and personally to feel like I could commit to an expense that large, even though I’d love to & I’ve heard rave reviews…so when Marie announced a scholarship, I was on that like white on rice.

At the time of writing this I have no idea if I’ve won the scholarship or not (there were a lot of fantastic entries!) but I wanted to share the video anyways for two reasons: I got all riled up about my “why”, which is something I don’t talk about enough, and also, you get cute doggie footage at the end. Win-win.

There’s been a lot said about having a “why” and focusing on that above all else, and so I’m curious – what do you do in your life, and what’s your why for that? Why do you do what you do, whether in a “work” or “career” sense, or a more broad “daily life” sense? If nothing else, getting mine distilled down to less than two minutes was an incredibly good exercise – one I’d recommend to anyone. So pop in the comments and tell me YOUR why. 

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