Review: WeekPlan

Review Summary & Notes

WeekPlan is based on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, so it uses a lot of terms specific to that system. However, it’s got a really great, intuitive interface, with drag & drop functionality for tasks across days/Someday/Backburner. Adding tasks is quick and easy, and there’s some extra functionality that you don’t usually see in task management tools (a journal, places for you to keep track of your weekly goals, a place for you to write your mission statement, etc.). They don’t have a mobile app but they do say that the mobile site works well on tablets or smartphones (haven’t tested that functionality myself).

This’d be great for:

  • Solopreneurs
  • People who want a task management tool with a focus on personal development
  • People who already use a project management tool for them/their team but want something lightweight that will let them view just their tasks
  • People who want people who want something like TeuxDeux but with more features
  • People who want a place to keep track of their personal goals and tasks
  • People who like to see a fairly “zoomed in” view of their tasks and projects (since you can only see a week at a time)

Not so great for:

  • People who need to delegate
  • People who like to or need to see more than a week’s worth of tasks at a time
  • People who like to see an overview of all of their projects in one spot (there’s different workspaces, but not a way to see tasks across all workspaces, AFAIK)
  • Anyone who loves color coding as much as I do

Do you use WeekPlan? Whatcha think?

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