Review: Wunderlist

While it isn’t my perfect productivity tool, Wunderlist is a pretty amazing task management app that I wanted to share with y’all. Watch the video review & see my notes below:

Bonus: Because I’m feeling frisky & easily entertained, the first 3 people to email me telling me what each of those tasks was referencing gets free goodies. (Preferably without using Google, but obvs I won’t know if you do or not. Joe Strummer’s watching you from the afterlife though, & he won’t be pleased.*)

What it does really, really well:

  • The design. Every time I log in, I want to send a screenshot of Wunderlist to all of the badly designed, clunky productivity tools out there. Hey, ugly, hard-to-use thing. Check out Wunderlist. It mocks you with its prettiness. 
  • Ease of use. Drag and drop, intuitive interface, easy to jump in and just start using. (I suppose this kind of goes under good design but it bears repeating.)
  • If all you need is basic task management, Wunderlist has that in spades. Just go sign up now, don’t even look at anything else. You’ll thank me later.

What doesn’t work for me:

  •  This is all me and doesn’t have anything to do with Wunderlist itself, but something about the way it’s set up makes it really easy for me to overload myself. I think that if I could see the days of the week with how many tasks were assigned to each day, in an at-a-glance manner, it’d be easier to prevent that.
  • If you really need to handle multiple projects at once, Wunderlist might be a little too simple for you. And I’m not sure how it works for collaboration since I haven’t tested that aspect of it.
That’s pretty much it.

Who this would be really great for:

  • People who appreciate good design & the ability to customize their tools.
  • People who want something that’s always accessible via mobile apps. (I can’t speak for the Android app, but the iPhone app has been totally glitch free & easy to use for me.)
  • People who don’t need to manage multiple projects at once.
  • People who don’t need a visual layout to keep from getting confused and/or overwhelmed.
If you fit the above criteria? I would highly recommend you check Wunderlist out.
Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for the next video, & don’t forget to send me an email when you figure out the references 😉

*That was a hint. I’m being extra-plus generous today.

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