Review: Conqu

I’d definitely recommend Conqu for people who are managing a small (less than five member) team, especially if everyone on the team uses + is versed in GTD as a productivity system – I can only imagine that’d make it a million times more effective.

Pricing: The tool itself is free with unlimited tasks/projects, but you can upgrade to ConquSync for $53/year. This lets you:

  • sync across multiple platforms
  • invite others to your workspace
  • have offline functionality (update tasks offline and they’ll sync once you get online)
  • send tasks via email
  • make a one-time import via Remember the Milk or Toodledo

Availability: Get it on the web, as a download for Mac, Linux, or Windows, in the Android or iOS marketplace, for your Nook color, Blackberry, or Kindle Fire. Whew.


  • Clean, easy to use design
  • Recurring tasks
  • Color coding
  • Ability to differentiate between “date scheduled” and “date due” – this could be handy for seeing how much padding you have left before a task really needs to get done so you can decide if you want to push it back or not
  • Lots of different filters – tags, date due, context, project
  • GTD based, so like I said – if you use that, this’d be a great choice for you
  • Delegation & ability to see at a glance what tasks you’re waiting on being done by others