Review: Using Contactually to Rock Your CRM Systems


Contactually has several incredibly useful features & it’s actually my favorite CRM tool to recommend to service-based business owners. Here’s why:

  • Built in email templates let you check in with colleagues on a regular basis or with previous customers/clients without having to reinvent the wheel every time
  • There’s also nifty features for sharing content (which you can save with a bookmarklet) or doing introductions (which I’ve done a few times & it works well)
  • You can set different follow up times for different buckets; for example, two weeks for leads, 30 days for customers, 60 days for previous clients
  • Pulls information from email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn so that you can see where and when you last interacted, and what was said
  • Gives you follow up suggestions based on your bucket rules
  • Several different integrations including Do, Salesforce, and Mailchimp
  • Robust search tools let you search by ¬†bucket, tag, location or more options
  • …and then you can send messages to several people at once, while still customizing them for each individual person
  • I just found out about the new Programs feature which looks amazing and like it has a lot of potential – I didn’t feature it in the video but I’m definitely going to be looking at it more!

Price: Starts at $20/month/user, goes up to $100/month/user (I’m on the medium plan which is $40/month/user), all with free¬†trials; there’s also a basic free plan

Apps: Web, iPhone, Android

Come join the free webinar!

I’m cohosting a free webinar with the Contactually peeps next week: Make More Cash With Effective Client Follow-Up. It’s totally free and it’s going to show you how you can set up client follow up systems inside Contactually, so that you can keep making your previous customers happy & make more moolah without having to go out and find new clients + customers constantly. Next Tuesday & even if you can’t make it live, you’ll get a recording! Sign up here.

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