5 signs you need to GTFO the computer

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, more often than we’d like to admit. Kinda comes with the territory of being a work-at-home type…so at least we can laugh about it:

1. You almost start an email with “listen here, motherfucker…”

When you're thisclose to losing it in an email

Step away from the keyboard. Just. Step. Away.

2. You’re not entirely sure what the weather is like outside…because it’s 7 PM and you haven’t actually stepped outside all day.

Your roommate gets home from work and you’re all:

When your roommate gets home from work and says it's nice outside

See also.

3. You haven’t put on pants. In days.

Seriously. Days.

Pretty much every single day when you work at home

4. You can smell yourself. And you’re horrified.


5. You don’t know what day it is.

But no really. What day is this?

Honestly? You’re not 100% for sure you know what month it is.

Suggestions for things to do instead of staying on the computer and forcing yourself into a halfassed state of kind-of-productivity:

  • shower
  • put pants on
  • go outside
  • walk your dog
  • take a nap
  • go to happy hour
  • no, seriously though, take a damn shower 

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