Looking for a gift for the freelancer in your life? Look no further.

The 2014 Freelancer Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The time when we all buy our gifts last minute while praising the wonders of the modern world (Amazon Prime, ahoy!). Or, alternately, we sit at our computer screens and frantically search for the right gift.

If you’re looking for something to send your friends/family/relatives for gift guide ideas, or if you just wanna buy something awesome for the freelancer in your life, look no further:

Sharkk Wireless Mouse (The Freelancer's Gift Guide)

A mouse that doesn’t kill wrists

Depending on how practical your recipient is, this might be something to ask for rather than something to buy, but I’m telling you: this Sharkk mouse has made the difference between my wrists killing me after two hours of work and letting me work a whole day in peace. And it only took me an hour or two to adjust to using it. Plus that matte plastic just feels good. Kudos to Shanna for sharing it with me!

Altego Laptop Backpack: The Freelancer's Gift Guide

A stylish backpack

I love a good messenger bag, but my back does not. After getting tired of dealing with angry muscles and neck-aches from toting my portable office around, I searched high and low, trying to find a backpack that fit the following criteria:

  • Sturdy
  • Not ungodly expensive
  • Didn’t look like something that belonged on a preschooler
  • …or ridiculously dwarf my 5’2″ figure

The above backpack fits all of that criteria, is under $50, has all kinds of useful compartments, and comes in my two favorite colors. DONE AND DONE. I can fit an absurd amount of stuff in if, and I’ve had it for almost a year and it’s not showing much wear yet either, so I think it’s sturdy enough for most people. Unless you’re going to go skydiving or some shit, in which case you probably don’t need a laptop backpack.

Pens: The Freelancer's Gift Guide


I’m not necessarily particular about what kind of paper I write on (though I do love a pretty notebook), but I’m weirdly picky about the pens I use–especially for longer writing. Considering that none of these are expensive, they’re great stocking stuffers.




Working with music is essential for my productivity. Pictured above:


Motivational posters

But not the kind with eagles and shit. I have the above manifesto from StrikingTruths (Show the world) and they have others that you can buy here. Alternately, here’s a Firefly-themed typography poster for the misbehaving freelancer in your life. You can even grab a Buffy one instead, if you want. Heck, just dig through all their nerdy posters. Or pick up a motivational “Get Shit Done” mug, because then it’s doubly motivating since it probably contains coffee (the lifeblood of 99% of freelancers).


Organizational tools

Because what freelancer doesn’t need to be more organized? Above:

All right–that’s not a ton of stuff, but it’s my best picks for freelancer gifts. What say you–what’s on your wishlist/shopping list?

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