Review: Calendly

Review: Calendly (a scheduling app)

There’s an assortment of scheduling apps available out there in various price points and they are definitely not all created equal. My current favorite? Calendly, which is super easy to use and has a great starter plan. Here’s a few key features:

  • Syncs to Google Calendar
  • Allows you to set and customize (both the timing and the content of) reminders, cancellation notices, and confirmation emails
  • The free plan has limits to customizations, one event type (for example, a 15m meeting or a 30m meeting, but not both), and “Powered by Calendly” branding
  • The paid plan is $8/mo annually or $10/mo monthly and allows for creation of and customization of automated reminders, extra customization of other notifications, and branding of the pages/emails

Overall:┬áReally easy to use for the account owner and appointment setter, pretty UI that’s not distracting, and a great price point (I’m on the free plan since I don’t really have an appointment-driven business, and it’s more than enough for me). Highly recommended!

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