Monthly recap: April

Monthly recap time! Getting back on track with these, oh yeah!

How I spent my time:

Internal Harvest Report

I tracked about 50 hours total in April, which is about on track with my averages, considering I took March 30-April 12 off from work.


Out of that time:

  • Most of it (40.7) was internal tracking.
  • The two most time-consuming tasks were email and editing (for the novel).

How I made my money:

Total income: $3,324.72

I nixed the client audit for April since it was mostly retainer clients that I make a pretty consistent hourly rate with. This is lower than previous months, but not by too much, considering I wasn’t working for half the month.

Looking ahead and lessons learned overall:

  • I need to take more breaks. Which was already something I harped on in last month’s massive recap, so I won’t belabor the point too much. (My RSI is finally improving, though. Which I promptly backtracked by wiping out on a mountain bike last weekend. SIGH.)
  • I want to work harder to stretch myself professionally. Which maybe seems counterintuitive, considering point #1, but what I really mean is that I want to reach outside of my comfort zone. Make more of a point to write and publish (and hopefully be paid for) things outside of the business sphere, and write for more bigger publications when it does come to business (productivity, freelancing, etc.) topics. And finish this godforsaken novel already, oy.
  • That might mean a lower income for a few months while I figure things out. Which I’m pretty okay with.

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