Rock Your Systems

Rock Your Systems: January 2014 Edition

Once the holiday rush starts to swirl up around Thanksgiving, we often don’t get a whole lot of relief from the rush until after Christmas (after which, we get all of a week to take a break & celebrate the new year, before going back to our daily lives). All too often, we get stuck in a pattern of reacting at this time of year & enter the next year with a numb mind and a tired body, without consciously thinking about what we want, how to get there, and what we can do to take care of ourselves while we’re getting there.

We make ourselves a lot of promises – next year I’ll, next year my business will, and so on, but it’s far too easy to let these ideas languish once we actually hit next year. Which sucks, amirite?

So what makes the difference between having promisey-dreamy-never-gonna-happens and an actual plan that gets shit done?

  • Actively setting aside the time + energy to work on your promisey-dreamies. We’re almost always in reactive mode, despite our best intentions, and this is the kind of work that needs an actual container – time carved out and set aside just for it.
  • Personalized, customized, specific action plans, instead of a canned, vague set of lists that doesn’t really make sense for you or your business.

Want to get both of those solutions in one spot? Well…

Class starts January 6th and runs through January 31st. Each week you’ll:

  • get the lesson and the workbook for the week on Monday
  • post your homework for the week in the private Facebook group
  • participate in the weekly call

There’s a total of four calls + workbooks, plus you’ll get the yearly + weekly planner kit ($23 value) as a bonus on January 1 so that you can start going over that before class starts.

Price: $67

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Class schedule

  • Week One: Introduction + Your Big Vision. So often, we create our plans without a clear end in mind – which is kind of like getting in a car without really knowing where you going. It can be a good learning experience (albeit frustrating as all get out), but it’s a horrible idea if you do, in fact, have somewhere you want to head towards.
  • Week Two: Systems for Your Big Vision. After covering the vision side of things, we’re going to talk about how to figure out which 2-3 systems you should prioritize because they’ll help you move towards your big vision, create outlines of those systems, and start putting them in place ASAP (even if you didn’t think it was doable right now).
  • Week Three: The Nitty Gritty. Now that we’ve got a big vision in mind, we’re going to talk about the specifics – details and logistics. What do you need to be doing on a regular basis to actually turn your big vision into a reality? We’ll talk about how to figure that out and how to create plans that’ll make it easier for you to take action, not harder.
  • Week Four: Systems for Your Nitty Gritty. Much like during week two, we’re going to talk about how to figure out 2-3 systems to prioritize to make the nitty-gritty side of things happen (things like: content creation, marketing, joint ventures, etc.), as well as how to create outlines of those systems and start putting them in place.
  • Bonus Call: Comedown + Q&A. Any lingering questions, wonders, or worries? We’ll wrap everything up with a bow during the comedown call, and also possibly throw a party for having survived January and created some awesomesauce plans + systems.

Price: $67

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How will this be held? What kind of tech do I need to attend?

All you need is a telephone and a computer. (I love technology, don’t you?) The weekly calls with be via a teleconference line that you can dial in with your phone or your computer, the recordings will be posted (so if you can’t make it live, you can still catch up), the worksheets will be delivered via email,

How long are the weekly calls?

The weekly calls will be approximately 60-90 minutes, in between content & Q&A.

Why is the price so low?

Two reasons:

I want it to be accessible. 

I know that this information is crucial for keeping creative business owners off the edge of burnout. I also know that the easiest time to slot this planning in is in January – when a lot of people are still tight on funds from the holidays. I want this material to be easily accessible to business owners of all levels, because I don’t believe that burnout prevention and solid planning is only for seasoned business owners.

Let’s be clear: there will not be the same level of 1:1-ness you’d get if this was a premium mastermind. (Which is not how I roll anyways, I don’t think I’m hoity-toity enough for that sorta deal.) But I am going to be active both in the Facebook group and on the calls, and you’ll be able to get 1:1 access to me to address your questions and help tailor your plans & systems for your specific business. If you do the work, you will leave with a sustainable, customized plan for 2014, along with the systems to implement to help support that plan, all without burning yourself into a crispy critter. 

This is a beta-ish version. 

A lot of the content here is the same content, revised and updated, that I’ve used in one day planning + systems workshops before (to great success – see below!). While I love doing the one-day workshops, there are a whole bevy of scheduling issues that come along with them, and I want to see how this material works in a class format instead of a one-day format – whether the engagement is the same, better, if a four week class works for more people rather than a one day intensive, etc. I’m also planning on taking the feedback I get from class participants and adding it into the content to create a self-paced course that can be bought and worked through at any point in the year.

Commentary from 2013 workshop participants: 


I’m a new business owner, will this work for me? (See also: I’ve been in business for a bit, will this work for me?)

Regardless of where you’re at, this class is for you if:

  • Your day to day activities feel kind of like you’re running on a hamster wheel – you’re putting in the effing effort (and lots of it), but you’re not actually going anywhere
  • The lack of clarity about what you should be doing on a day to day basis is straight up freaking you out – you’re sick and tired of waking up with the 3 AM “wtf am I doing” panic sweats
  • You’re ready to show up and do the work to fix these problems, and you want a hands-on solution

There will be content add-ons specifically for new business owners and for more seasoned business owners, and there will also be ample opportunity for Q&A both on the live calls and on the Facebook group.


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People like my stuff:

“Intellectually I knew I couldn’t do everything myself in my business, but I was trying to do it anyway and dropping the ball big time. I came to Michelle because I couldn’t wear my CEO hat AND project manage every part of my business without major burnout. She immediately got me organised with a year long game plan with realistic timeframes and more importantly a strategic overview (I was just trying to do everything at once like an idiot). She’s kind of my new secret weapon and I’m almost loathe to tell others about her, but if you want to go to the next level in your business, I highly recommend giving Michelle a call immediately.”

Denise Duffield-Thomas, author of Lucky Bitch

“My favorite thing about working together was having someone be able to help me separate this jumble in my head, and make it something simple…in black and white…for me to take action on. Before this I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed, getting pissed off with myself for not being on top of it all, wondering if I was really cut out for this whole business thing. Afterwards, I have a sense of possibility. I feel like I actually can do this after all. I feel now like I can get all this stuff lined up and know what needs done, and how to do it without taking up ALL my time. 

Angel Sullivan

todd“Michelle helped me blow myself to Mars with the massive success of the wellness ebook bundle sale that I hosted. Although it wasn’t easy, I was as organized as I have ever been for a big project – organized enough to allow me to sell 7,500 bundles for total in $293K in sales, in a time period of 7.5 days. I knew what I was doing, but the simple fact that Michelle was there to encourage me and help me think things through was worth the money I paid her. The way she laid it out for me was a massive bonus that helped me stay on track. In the end, everything ran very smoothly – I was expecting something terrible to go wrong but it never did.”

-Todd Dosenberry, owner & writer at PrimalToad

Heard enough? Raring to go?

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Any questions? Hit me up and we’ll get you sorted out straightaway.