Sponsor Bombchelle

Are you looking to get your app, product, or service in front of more freelancers? Sponsoring Bombchelle is a great way to connect with a small, engaged community of creatives.

Sponsorship options include: 

  • A video review and corresponding review post here on Bombchelle (this is a “jump the queue” option – the video review backlog is currently quite long, so this puts you at the top of the list and guarantees a review being posted within two weeks of payment, but does not guarantee a positive review)
  • A sponsored post (this gives you more input on the editorial process, though I always reserve the right to veto a post and refund your money if I feel it’s not a good fit)
  • Sidebar ads or newsletter ads (text or image)

Depending on which direction you go, your sponsorship could get you in front of…

  • 650+ YouTube subscribers and 7,000 average monthly YouTube views
  • 3,600 monthly views at Bombchelle
  • 1,000+ email subscribers
  • 5,800 Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter followers

Readers tend to be:

  • Freelancers or solopreneurs, usually in creative industries (designer, writer, etc.)
  • Between the ages of 20-35
  • Skewed slightly towards women on Bombchelle.com, slightly towards men on the YouTube viewers
  • On the nerdy side (they have an appreciation for Firefly, Doctor Who, and Marvel)
  • Located in the US, the UK, and Australia or New Zealand

Interested in talking more? Drop me a line – let’s talk.