Systems 101 – Why Systems Don’t Suck and How to Make Awesome Ones

Creative freelancers and entrepreneurs need good systems to grow their business without burning out.

But those very people (like you!) that need them the most shy away from them. They either dislike the idea itself, thinking that it means some super-confining structure that will kill their creativity &┬áspontaneity, or they’re flat-out intimidated and aren’t sure where to start, leaving them overwhelmed & confused in the meantime.

So they just keep on keeping on, and everyone suffers for it – them, their business, & their clients + customers.

They’re stressed out beyond belief, frustrated to the point of tears, might even consider walking away from their business – all because they don’t have good systems in place to prevent those things.
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Do you want to learn how to use systems in your business to…

  • prevent burnout – the bane of all entrepreneurs?
  • have more time for the tasks you love in your business, & spend less time doing the things you hate doing?
  • make sure that when it comes time to outsource, you’re outsourcing effectively and not wasting your time + money?
  • figure out where you’re reinventing the wheel in your business, and stop that, so that you have more time to spend on money-making activities?

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Want to learn how to use systems in your biz w/out stifling yr creativity? Sign up for the free Systems 101 e-course: (Click to tweet!)

Want to start creating systems for your business? Sign up for the free Systems 101 e-course: (Click to tweet!)