Workflow Wednesdays: Interview/Guest Post Sign Up

About Workflow Wednesdays:

What separates productive people from business owners that are constantly stressed? Workflow Wednesdays is a post series that aims to find out, with a weekly post going in-depth on a specific part of a business owner’s workflow and what they do that makes it rock. You can click here for examples of previous posts (as of writing, it’s empty, but there will be examples soon!).

And since I can only provide behind-the-scenes insight into my particular business and business model, I’d love to hear from you on what you’re TOTALLY ROCKING in your business’s workflow.¬†

Your options for post types are:

  • Text interview: You fill out the text interview part of the questionnaire below, and the post is published in a Q&A style format. When filling out the questionnaire, include links to all apps and/or blog posts in the text, please.
  • Text guest post: A “how to” style post explaining how you achieved a specific result in your business by modifying a part of your workflow. (Example: “How I boosted my daily wordcount by 1,500 words with three workflow tricks”) Write it up and then include a link to the DOCUMENT (not a published post on your own blog, but on the post draft written inside Google Docs or uploaded to Dropbox in a Word-formatted file) in the appropriate spot on the questionnaire.
  • Video screencast: A “how to” screencast or video showing how you perform a specific part of your workflow. Less than ten minutes (ideally, 5 or less minutes). Here’s an older example from my Youtube channel.
  • Audio or video interview:¬†Fairly self explanatory. A 10-15 minute video interview or 20-30 minute audio one, will be done via Skype, recorded, and uploaded.

All the information you need to sign up and participate is in the questionnaire below. Please follow the instructions and if you have any questions, tweet me. Thanks and have a great day!

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