Review: Siasto

Siasto is fairly new to me – I hadn’t heard of it before but I really like it. Here’s an overview:


  •  Fantastic UI. Seriously. Probably one of the best user interfaces/aesthetic feels I’ve seen out of any full-fledged project management tool. Easy to use, intuitive, nice to look at – five stars.
  • Not only is the overall design great, but it’s customizable. Oh yeah.
  • Seamless Google Docs integration – you can easily attach docs to projects, and then you can edit those Google Docs from within Siasto if you want.
  • It also integrates with Dropbox and Box, though I haven’t tested those integrations as much as the Gdocs one.
  • Project templates!
  • The number of projects you can add isn’t limited by plan. Instead, the plans are user-based.
  • Easy-add task function, & you can sort tasks by tags.


  • Really, the only constructive criticism I have is that I wish there were task lists & recurring tasks. I talked to one of the founders & he said they’re working on recurring task functionality, but they don’t have an ETA for it.
  • I noted in the video that I thought things could get weird or complicated, price-wise, if you only needed users for specific projects, or if you only worked with someone for a fairly short amount of time on one project (since the pricing is user-based). So I mentioned it to Nic (the co-founder) & he said that you can invite users as guests to projects, and that this will allow them to only see what is within that project and not access the team space. Also, if you have someone as a user for less than a month, the charge ($8/user/month) is pro-rated, and that the user invite/editing process is designed to be easy to use.

So, although I hadn’t heard of Siasto before, it’s definitely one of my top recommendations now for creative, design-oriented types who need a full-featured project management tool that’s still easy to use and overwhelming. If this is you – definitely check it out & let me know what you think!

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