Review: ThunderTask

First things first: I’m running a free class on zero-panic launching, just for those of you who are launching something after the holidays & don’t want to spend your holidays panicking about it. Check it out & sign up here. On to the review!

Out of the GTD-based task management tools that I’ve seen, ThunderTask is one of my favorites. It’s what a streamlined Wunderkit would have looked like, I think.


  • Really, really intuitive interface with drag and drop functionality, super easy to use/figure out
  • Prioritization!
  • Recurring tasks (as I look at more & more tools it just baffles me when they’re missing this)
  • Collaboration
  • Task lists

Things I’d tweak: 

  • No way to view your tasks across workspaces
  • No smart scheduling (meaning, you can’t type in “Write blog post today” and it automatically assigns the date to today)
  • No calendar view

I gotta say though, ThunderTask looks like it’d be great for small teams (solopreneur + VA) or collaborations, especially if you don’t need or want a calendar view. And best of all? It’s free with no cap on collaborators, projects, or tasks, as far as I can tell!

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