Review: Wunderkit

Wunderkit is, sadly, still in beta. It’s from the same team that made the previously-reviewed Wunderlist, and the design is – unsurprisingly! – TOTALLY GORGEOUS. Kinda makes me want to lick my computer screen. Anyways, despite being in beta, it’s still very usable depending on what your needs are – watch the video or read the notes to find out more.

I could individually list out the things Wunderkit does well as I usually do, but that would be a pretty long list, honestly. It’s gorgeous, it’s easy to use, it’s easy to add people to projects, it’s fun and easy to collaborate on projects together, the notes tool is awesome. So, since the tool is still in beta, I’ll just throw out what I’d like to see added:

  • Ability to see tasks on a calendar and/or timeline, for each individual project and across projects, with drag & drop functionality
  • Some kind of color coding would also be pretty awesome

And…that’s it. If Wunderkit added those two things I’m pretty sure it’d be the Mona Lisa of productivity tools. The good news is that since it’s still in beta, we can cross our fingers and hope that those things will still be added! Alas, that means I still need something to use in the meantime (or in case those features aren’t added), so my search continues.

What do you think about Wunderkit? Anything you’d like to see the team add before it’s finished? 

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