Interview with Melissa Dinwiddie: the 3 ingredients for major transformation

Melissa is a good friend of mine, & she’s pretty much awesome. She definitely brings the rejuvenating creative mojo. In our interview below, we talk about what Melissa considers the three key ingredients for major transformation + mindset shifts, & why!

Don’t forget to check out Melissa & also Time to Glow! (Speaking of glowing, check out my whiteness in that natural light. Oh yeah.)


  1. Wow, loved this, Michelle. I’d heard of Melissa, but this is the first time I’d really got to hear in depth what she’s involved with and how she works. Very cool stuff.

    Funny, Danielle LaPorte was my first taste of people making a living online doing what they love, too. 🙂


  2. OMG-I am loving the new site!!!
    This was great and reminds me that we totally need to get together in Austin. I really like her ingredient of community-I think this is so essential to the kind of work we do and the support we need. Beautiful.


  3. Love this! I believe creativity exists everywhere, all around us, and it doesn’t have to be something that has to do with art. For me, creating a company, blog, writing, training programs (just like this one) is all creativity. Every waking moment is a creative moment…but we’ve gotten away from the true meaning of creativity…thinking it has to do with art or music. I love that this is video too! So much fun to see your faces. Okay I’ll stop and listen now! Thanks to you both for this.


  4. You ARE glowing, Michelle! Love being reminded of the beauty of having a role model.. when we are struggling and trying to take a next step, it makes it so easier to tap into somebody else’s energies while we are making the transition. Fun to hear you laughing together.. lovely.
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  5. Great interview!
    I love Melissa. We shared a room last year at WDS. She rocks. I love how she talks about ditching the life she settled for.

    Her 3 steps for transformation are great.

    Rock on!


  6. Yes — Michelle said that before finding a role model, it can feel like the thing you want to do is impossible. For me (another business idea, NOT, which is actually unique in the market), it was more like, “there’s someone already doing what I want — so there’s no point in doing it.” But it doesn’t have to be that way! I knew I had found a role model when she said to me, “Think about how many hamburger restaurants are out there. There’s still room for another because each one puts a different spin on it.” Love the video format!


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