Curious about my background – my origin story, if you will? Settle in, dear reader, with some tea (or something stronger, if that’s your thing – no judgement here) and read on…

I’ve been writing for the web since the ripe old age of 12, where I alternated between my first sorta-paid gig as a video-game reviewer (paid in video games, that is, which is all a twelve year old needs), and writing scathing op-eds on my own personal blog after the encouragement to start writing from a dear teacher. Including, at one point, a tirade against a tyrannical teacher that got me banned from the school computers for a month.

What can I say? I’ve always been a bit of an instigator.

In the rural Missouri town I grew up in, I was the kid nobody agreed with – but that nobody wanted to go up against in debate class, either. I always had a strong entrepreneurial streak too, which probably influenced the memorable time when as a thirteen-year-old, I was chastised for advertising a pet-sitting business that I had decided to run out of my grandma’s house without asking anyone’s permission. (Apparently, I didn’t have the knack for logistics then that I do now.)

I’ve been freelancing/self-employed most of my adult life, trying on this and that until I found a combination of things that best fit my skill-set & interests. Here at Bombchelle, I make systems/productivity/organization/all that incredibly boring sounding stuff incredibly NOT boring so that you + your biz can reap the rewards.

On my own, I provide writing/blogging as both a standalone service and as part of content/social media marketing services to companies.

Of course, I’m also working on a book on personal productivity. Yeah, I like to stay busy.

The bullet point version:

I have…

  • consulted for a startup that works with the Rockefeller Foundation
  • taught classes and workshops that helped creative entrepreneurs get more done with less stress
  • helped organize multi-six-figure launches
  • been interviewed and featured by other entrepreneurs & guest-written for several popular + awesome sites (see below)
  • spoke at biz conferences + events, including speaking at RISE Austin 2013 (see the video below), a Crave Austin event in January 2014, and being a CEO keynote speaker at the 2013 Houston-Galveston Women’s Business Center conference

If you want to see more about my professional background, feel free to head here to my portfolio site.

You may have seen me in, on, or around at:


I also have…

  • an Amazon author page! Check it, yo. Along with a book that hit #1 in Systems & Planning and #2 in Entrepreneurship in the Kindle store.
  • a Youtube channel where I review project and task management tools, which averages 5,500+ views/month
  • seven eight eleven tattoos (and counting…obviously)
  • a Shiba Inu! LOOK HOW CUTE.

Wanna see me in action?

(video via Cuya Productions

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