The word on the street

“My favorite thing about working together was having someone be able to help me separate this jumble in my head, and make it something simple…in black and white…for me to take action on. Before this I was feeling incredibly overwhelmed, getting pissed off with myself for not being on top of it all, wondering if I was really cut out for this whole business thing. Afterwards, I have a sense of possibility. I feel like I actually can do this after all. I feel now like I can get all this stuff lined up and know what needs done, and how to do it without taking up ALL my time. 


“Michelle helped me blow myself to Mars with the massive success of the wellness ebook bundle sale that I hosted. Although it wasn’t easy, I was as organized as I have ever been for a big project – organized enough to allow me to sell 7,500 bundles for total in $293K in sales, in a time period of 7.5 days. I knew what I was doing, but the simple fact that Michelle was there to encourage me and help me think things through was worth the money I paid her. The way she laid it out for me was a massive bonus that helped me stay on track. In the end, everything ran very smoothly – I was expecting something terrible to go wrong but it never did. I’ll be doing another one of these in September and who I contact first to help me with it will be…. Michelle! :)”

“Intellectually I knew I couldn’t do everything myself in my business, but I was trying to do it anyway and dropping the ball big time. I came to Michelle because I couldn’t wear my CEO hat AND project manage every part of my business without major burnout. She immediately got me organised with a year long game plan with realistic timeframes and more importantly a strategic overview (I was just trying to do everything at once like an idiot). She’s kind of my new secret weapon and I’m almost loathe to tell others about her, but if you want to go to the next level in your business, I highly recommend giving Michelle a call immediately.”

Workflow Wednesdays: Chrissy Das on better editing

Workflow Wednesdays: Martin Stellar on how to write more and write faster

What separates productive people from business owners that are constantly stressed? This post is part of weekly feature, Workflow Wednesdays, that aims to find out, with a weekly post going in-depth on a specific part of a business owner’s workflow and what they do that makes it rock. Interested in being featured in a post? […]

Review: Calendly (a scheduling app)

Review: Calendly

There’s an assortment of scheduling apps available out there in various price points and they are definitely not all created equal. My current favorite? Calendly, which is super easy to use and has a great starter plan. Here’s a few key features: Syncs to Google Calendar Allows you to set and customize (both the timing […]