Fluff-free insight on freelancing, juggling all your creative side projects, & staying (semi)organized in the process

Freelancing often feels like herding cats while simultaneously playing drunken hopscotch. If you’re one of those mythical multi-passionate types, it can be even harder – because you’re doing all of that on top of eking out times for other side projects to stabilize your income (or just provide a much-needed creative outlet).

I don’t have all the answers (spoiler alert: nobody does, & if they tell you differently they’re selling something) but I do have damn near ten years of experience freelancing, much of it chronicled here. So if you want biz-tips without the bro-factor, productivity tips without the lifehacky crap, or you just want to see behind the curtain of a successful freelance business without the sugary coating, you’re in the right spot.

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Review: Booksteam

If you’ve been reading for a while, you might remember that I did a review of Booksteam a few years ago – they got in touch to let me know they’d added several new features and see about doing an updated review, so here that is: Overall, I’d recommend Booksteam for a service provider that

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Review: Paymo

? Paymo is a project management tool which aims to help  small business owners and freelancers manage everything related to their projects — from onboarding a new client, to planning and scheduling tasks and resources, and of course, getting paid. It has the standard project management features (projects and task lists, team collaboration, time tracking),

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Review: nTask

nTask is a task/project management platform that has some interesting features you don’t usually see in task management tools of this style – watch the review or read the notes below to find out what they are! Platforms: Web, Android (in beta) (You can get a free year of nTask here!) Good for: This would

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