Workflow Wednesdays: Behind the scenes of how I use Asana

What separates productive people from business owners that are constantly stressed? This post is part of weekly feature, Workflow Wednesdays, that aims to find out, with a weekly post going in-depth on a specific part of a business owner’s workflow and what they do that makes it rock. Interested in being featured in a post? Sign up here!

This week’s Workflow Wednesday post is about how I use Asana! I focused on how I, specifically, use it in my workflow. I didn’t get too into the details of the delegation aspects of Asana because it’s really pretty self-explanatory–you assign something to a person, they do it, if they prefer to work out of their inbox they can reply to the email to comment, files can be attached from your computer or from Dropbox/Google Drive, etc.

All in all, I LOVE Asana and you can’t beat the price (free!). I’m planning on doing a video review of it at some point, but this is how I specifically use it and gives you a good grasp on it. If you’ve got any questions, let me know–I’m happy to answer them!

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