Workflow Wednesday: Elinor Predota and effective client intake systems

Workflow Wednesdays: Elinor Predota on creating effective client systems

What separates productive people from business owners that are constantly stressed? This post is part of weekly feature, Workflow Wednesdays, that aims to find out, with a weekly post going in-depth on a specific part of a business owner’s workflow and what they do that makes it rock. Interested in being featured in a post? Sign up here!

This week, I interviewed Elinor Predota, who is in a pretty niche industry (nontraditional weddings), but whose insights apply no matter what type of service-based business you’re in. Unfortunately, the video didn’t come out, but there’s still audio!

Listen to the audio:

Elinor’s tips:

  • Road test your systems. No matter how good they look on paper, it doesn’t matter if the systems don’t work in the real world.
  • Communication templates! Stop reinventing the wheel–just create some templates. Elinor goes over all the ways this repeatedly saves her bacon in the interview.
  • Have a system for when they say no, too. This lets everything come full circle and ends things on a positive note.