Review: Brightpod

Today’s review is of Brightpod, an awesome project management app intended for marketing teams (though it could work for most teams, really). Here’s a few notes to go with the video:

  • Pricing starts at $19/mo for 15 projects, 5 GB storage, & unlimited users (there is a free plan limited to 2 projects/3 users/100MB storage)
  • Intended for teams, which obviously I can’t demo fully as one person. You can watch their intro video that has an overview of some of the team features here.
  • The drag and drop interface is really nice – it’s a nice way to have some of the visual features of┬áTrello (which I don’t feel like is the best full-on project management solution, though it’s great for things like editorial calendars) without losing other project management functionality.
  • It has recurring tasks, which is so basic I shouldn’t even need to mention it, but given that Basecamp, the industry standard doesn’t, I’m mentioning it anyways.
  • You can create tasks & task lists via email.
  • Other standout features include the focus priority list (with its own little GTD style Kanban board), the drag and drop cross-project calendar, built-in workflows and the ability to create your own workflows.

All in all: it’s super reasonably priced and I really like the interface; if you’re looking for a team project management solution and the lack of an app isn’t a dealbreaker, I’d say check it out!