Creating a business that’s not about business: a new podcast

If you’re a regular reader of the newsletter or keep up with me around the social sphere, you’ve probably seen references to a podcast that I’ve been working on with a friend. Episode one is finally out, and we’ll be releasing new episodes weekly on Tuesday! You can listen above, or here at the site (still being prettified), here on SoundCloud, and soon (maybe by the time you read this!) via the iTunes podcast directory. (Coming soon: Stitcher and all the other usual podcast suspects.)

The idea for this podcast was that David and I both come from B2B backgrounds, but want to branch out. We don’t get a lot out of many business podcasts–and a lot of them are B2B focused–and both of us have struck out doing our own creative things, and are finding that they come with their very own unique challenges that we’re not used to and maybe weren’t 100% prepared for. Hence: a podcast about building a business, that’s not about business. The podcast is a week-by-week behind the scenes look into what it takes to build a business around your creativity, the things we’re trying along the way, and what’s actually working, along with some random pop-culture discussion because really, who doesn’t need more of those in their life?

In our first episode, we’re laying the groundwork, telling you about who we are, what we’re doing, and how it differs from our business-based backgrounds. We also dug into some of the things that come with self-publishing, talked about the upcoming Kickstarter, discussed Shopify vs. Etsy, and went on a little bit of a tangent about Arrow.

Let me know what you think, and don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday for episode #2!