Favorite things: February edition

New feature! Because why not? (Really, it’s because I am obsessed with Product Hunt–it’s my new Pinterest–and I’m constantly finding new things and looking for new outlets to share them in, and what better outlet than my own blog?)



Scannable is another home run from the Evernote team. Super quick, easy, high quality scans using your iPhone, with one-click send to email/Evernote/message/etc. It’s free, it’s well-designed, if you’re without a scanner, just download it already. Now that I have it, I’m obsessed with digitizing all my records. I love it a weird amount for such a mundane app. Anyways. Moving onward.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 5.09.30 PM


I’ve written before about my anxiety issues, and the last month or two has definitely not been kind as far as that arena. Pacifica was created to help users deal with depression/anxiety, so when I found out about it, I thought I’d download it to give it a try. Thus far, I feel like the Thoughts and Experiments modules are kind of useless–but I haven’t tried them. I don’t know if something useful happens after you use one of those modules to record thoughts or experiments. But checking in more than once a day and rating my mood helps me spot trends (if I’m going to have a swift downturn, it happens at night), the Health tracker keeps me mindful of my daily habits/actions, and the mini-activities that are available under Relaxation are great for when I don’t have a full 10 or 15 minutes for meditation.

Digit: automated savings


2015 is the year I really, really want to get on top of my money stuff–both logistically and emotionally. (Fun side-story: I filled out an apartment application last week, wrote down my estimated average monthly income, then went back and did the math when I was gathering my proof of income…and realized my actual income was about $1k/month more than the estimated income I’d written done. Hi, money issues!) Anyways, Digit is great, because:

  • It’s automatic saving
  • That is done in tiny increments, so you hardly notice it
  • That is also not obvious every time you log in to your bank (if I can see the savings account when I log in, the temptation is too much to switch it back to my checking account and use it to pay bills)
  • And as a bonus, the cute lil robot (in my head, Digit is definitely a cute lil robot) texts you on a daily basis and lets you know how your checking balance is doing. It is actually more johnny-on-the-spot than the push notifications from my actual bank app, go figure.

In short: I really love it. If you traditionally have issues with savings, I highly recommend checking it out.

(Yes, that is a referral link. I get $5 if you use it. If you don’t want to use it, just google Digit app and sign up anyways, because it is really that great.) 

Runner ups: 

  • Handle, which I couldn’t quite fit into my workflow but I love the idea of–if you’re a freelancer/solopreneur using Google Apps, check it out
  • MixMax, which I don’t use 100% of the time because it interferes with my email workflow (outlined here) but which still has amazing features
  • Headspace, which I like in theory but I find really annoying that their onboarding process requires you to go through a crash course in meditation. At least, as far as I can tell, it requires you to. And I don’t want to pay to upgrade to get out of the “10 days of meditation for beginners”-esque thing until I sample something that isn’t a very basic meditation. Le sigh.

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