Review: nTask

nTask is a task/project management platform that has some interesting features you don’t usually see in task management tools of this style – watch the review or read the notes below to find out what they are!

Platforms: Web, Android (in beta)

(You can get a free year of nTask here!)

Good for:

  • This would be great for freelancers, but would also be great for small teams or especially agencies (people who need to keep track of time per project or client and want one unified interface for it).
  • The risk management features would be good for people who don’t naturally keep potential risks in mind while planning (IME, this is almost everyone without a project management background!) and for training you into thinking of those as you plan.
  • The issue feature is probably going to be a big draw people who work on software.
  • Someone who wants a more high-powered alternative to a Trello or Asana style tool, without having to sacrifice good design (once you start looking at task + project management tools that also include Gantt charts, design usually takes a nosedive!). If you miss things like prioritizing, progress tracking, etc., or want to log times associated with specific tasks without using a separate tool like Harvest, nTask could be a good bet.

Here’s their comparison chart with a few other popular task management tools:

Standout features:

  • Meeting features: The biggest difference in the meeting functionality compared to something like GCal is that you can create a detailed agenda, store meeting minutes, and automatically share it with a project team, without ever leaving the app. (Note: I said in the video that I couldn’t accurately test meetings because I didn’t have a team set up yet; the nTask team let me know that the meeting functionality works whether you’re a solo user or team user and that it supports Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.)
  • Timesheets: You can log times for task/project (and set it to auto-log the hours associated with meetings created inside nTask), and review/track/approve all the hours at a glance.
  • The aforementioned “extras” like Gantt charts, progress metrics, risk management, and issue management. Most of the time, tools with these features aren’t solopreneur friendly and are either badly designed, expensive, or both. nTask could be a good option for you if you’re looking for an alternative and you really want one or all of these features.

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