How to stay on top of *all* of your projects, at a glance

One of the worst things about having multiple projects going on at any given time is knowing where you’re at on all of them. I do use Springpad to organize my projects, but it’s mostly a note-taking/resource-saving tool for me, not necessarily organizing tasks. Enter Trello – a free online project management tool that’s super versatile in its design, letting it be useful for organizing solo projects, team efforts, and of course, keeping track of all of your projects at once! In the short & sweet (under five minutes) video below I share how I use it to do that.

Let me know if you have any questions about getting started using Trello – I’d love to help. How do you keep track of all of your projects?

PS: Like I said – the Productivity for Multipotentialites course is now open for registration (registration closes on Friday night at midnight PST). If you want to stop spinning your wheels & start making more progress on + time for all of your projects, come join us!

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