Interview & Giveaway with Alex Franzen

Continuing the September interviews + giveaways is today’s interview with the lovely Alexandra Franzen. We talk about pricing, entrepreneurial evolution, & clarity – watch the 20 minute long video below:

And! Today’s giveaway is for Alex’s Five Scripts to Fill Your Client Docket. To enter the giveaway, you have one of two options: 

  1. Leave a comment and answer these questions: What are you bored of? What are you not bored of? What do you want to be known for?
  2. Orrr leave a comment with your bio – created using Alex’s suggestions.

Enter before next Thursday (the 20th)! The winner will be drawn + notified on the 20th.


  1. I”m so fucking bored of hustling (really, feeling like I have to hustle to barely make ends meet).

    I am SUPER not bored of connecting with my tribe! OMG I love them. They are my squishy.

    I want to be known for showing people how to be their true Self. For teaching them how to know what they’re doing as they unfold. For holding space for that to happen.

    (feels all gushy now) <3


  2. Holy moley, what an interview! Love it. Big thanks to you both.

    I’m completely bored with waiting. I feel like there are so many steps in between where I am and when I get to let my projects out into the world that I can hardly stand it! I used to get stuck in research mode, afraid to actually do anything, but I think that needs to change.

    I’m not at all bored with my blog. I think I’m settling into a style and focus that works for me, and I’m definitely building group of awesome people around it. It makes me feel like what I’m doing matters. Also not bored with the new business I’m exploring. I cannot wait to really get it going!

    I want to be known as an inspirer of personal transformation, leading by example.


  3. Hello, there! I’m Farah!

    I’m a business coach and consultant. I work with multi-passionate, creative, soul-centered entrepreneurs. I help them prioritize their passions in order to pick the one that lights them up most, then work with them to connect that passion to a business model and a product/service offering that people are clamoring for AND they feel excited to provide.

    What REALLY excites me, though, is being a witness to those amazing moments when women entrepreneurs realize that their work is more than just about filling a need – it’s about using their natural gifts to impact the people who need what only can offer.

    Tell me… what are your passions, and how would you use them to impact the people who need you?


  4. i am bored of not having enough money and not going pro

    i am not bored of my blog! i feel so refreshed after a new redesign and i love it. i want to blog more now.

    i want to be known for being a giving back powerhouse and inspiring people to courageously follow their intuition and into their dreams.


  5. I am bored of not having any customers! Hahaha, nah, honestly, I am bored of elitism and narrow-minded people.

    I am not bored of learning new things each day, big and small.

    I want to be known as someone who practises what she preaches, and whose life can impact other lives.


  6. This was SUCH A GREAT INTERVIEW!!! Woohoo!! I got so many fabulous ideas just listening to Alexandra’s beautiful voice (I think I have a crush on your voice, girl)

    I’m so bored of being BORED! I’m left wondering… where in the hale did all the excitement go?!!

    I am NOT bored of being a super curious investigator, and instigator, of life and all it’s amazingness. I love to experiment and assess my findings. I also love nature – so effing not bored of nature.

    I want to be known for asking great questions and getting people to think outside their cage. The door is open people, you are free to roam <3

    thanks for this!! <3


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