On Baba Yaga, nice girl syndrome, & not self-editing

Yeah, so I’ve kind of fallen off the map lately. If you want to know what’s been going on & what’s been going through my head, I have a handy little video to help you out:

(I mention tech errors at the beginning of the video, and true to form, there are several spots where the video randomly pauses but the audio continues. I decided to post it anyways in the spirit of not editing. Still figuring out why that happened.) 

Totally unrelated to anything I actually talked about: I can’t believe Giles is back there chowing down on that plant! No wonder it’s been looking a little haggard lately. BAD CAT.

Mentioned in the video:

Limitless Megan

Dyana Valentine/Woke Up Knowing

Shanna Mann

The Puttytribe (opening membership soon! you’ll want to get on that)

Baba Yaga

Perchta (an article written by my very own self)


So…what do you think? What do you notice yourself tamping down on or suppressing about yourself? And how did you start that noticing? How do you keep from editing yourself? I’m genuinely curious and want to hear your thoughts!

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