Review: HiTask

Today I’m reviewing HiTask, another great project/task management tool. Watch the video or read the notes below to find out my thoughts!

Great things:

  • There’s a lot of awesome functions like recurring tasks, time tracking (with the ability to also estimate how long you think a particular task will take, I can see how this would be useful for comparing real life to estimates), and reminders sent via phone app or email or both. You can give priority tasks a star and see them first, too.
  • There’s also lots of room/functionality for scheduling tasks hour by hour if that’s how you roll (it’s not how I roll, but it might be the way you like things).
  • COLOR CODING. For the love of chocolate, finally a productivity tool that has color coding and does it right. There’s so many ways you could use this – color coding by project is the obvious one, of course. You could also  have “stoplight” color coding for tasks. For example, green tasks are okay to go full steam ahead on, red tasks are paused or on hold for some reason, and yellow are tasks that are waiting on something from someone else. You could also color code your top three priorities to see if how you’re actually spending your time across all of your projects is aligning with the things you view as a priority. (I’m sensing you could probably use the time tracking for that, too.)

Other things:

  • It can be a little slow to add tasks using the web app. This is a problem for me as I often want to pop in just to add a quick task without interrupting my flow or stream of thought on another project I’m working on at that moment. (Example: I’m writing a blog post & suddenly think, “Oh shit, I can’t forget to do x!” I need to be able to get in, add it, and get back to working preferably in under 30 seconds.) I couldn’t find any way to ‘quick add’ tasks in HiTask like I’ve seen other places; I might have just missed it though.
  • It would be really cool if you could sync the reminders and task scheduling with Google Calendar, but I didn’t see any options for that anywhere.
  • There are a lot of options with the tasks – which is great if you need that functionality but can be a little overwhelming if you don’t. It’s actually a little too structured for me because of the additional options.
  • It’s not quite as visual/well designed as something like Wunderlist.

Great for you if:

  • You want to be able to schedule tasks to a specific hour.
  • Color coding is an absolute necessity.
  • You don’t need or want to see things on a calendar or week view (as opposed to the drop down menu options of today, tomorrow, next 7 days, etc.).
  • Good design is a priority, but you don’t have nigh-impossibly-high standards (like, uh, me).

Closing Notes

A lot of these things are going to come down to sheer preference. I know that my quibbles/quirks will not necessarily be everyone’s, and if someone doesn’t have my quirks, I feel like HiTask is a really, really great project & task management tool with a lot of functionality that you don’t usually see, especially in free versions of things. I’m not sure if I’m beating a dead horse by reiterating the fact that I’m really effing picky and have very specific wants/needs, I just want to make it clear that just because I don’t end up using a tool doesn’t mean that it’s not your productivity soul mate.

Any questions? Anything else you want to see reviewed? Let me know in the comments! 


  1. Michelle!
    Thank you SO much for reviewing this app – there are so many incredible apps on the market to help business owners be productive. I would love to see a top picks post from you for entrepreneurs that do business primarily online. What do you say?? xoxo


    • Thank you Nona! That’s a great idea. I’d like to expand to productivity apps in general (including things like Batcbook, for example) once I finish the backlog of planning/project management app reviews – so I’ll definitely do that. I also created a pinboard for awesome tools and will be collecting all of my reviews and all the services I plan on reviewing there!


  2. Very nice review (and, yes, I understand being really picky LOL) and I totally agree with Nona. A list of best tools with links to your reviews of them (at least the ones you have reviewed) would be most awesometacular.


  3. Every time I mosey over to this blog I get a new peek at an organizational tool or method that is totally going to help get me on track-Michelle you are amazing-and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making these assessments available to all of us!


  4. Oooooh, PLEASE do more reviews like this! You are so great at breaking it down to pros and cons in plain English, and your analysis is spot-on for the solopreneur. I know you have your stuff together when it comes to productivity tools and the like, so I trust your opinion, and you could save busy folks sooooooo much time with more of these. Thank you, thank you!


  5. obviously know your way around.. and I really don’t.. so it’s great to have a trusted source on all things technical and I too would love to see your top picks and maybe I would even use them.. maybe.

    Love to you-
    Simple Sacred Solutions For Living Beautifully In Your Body


  6. I love your honesty and frankness and “productivity soul mate” was my favorite. So true we all have different tastes. I would love to see a review for online scheduling programs. I use Bookfresh but am thinking there might be something better out there. I like my clients being able to pay online when they schedule which is why I haven’t switched to something else yet. That seems to be hard to find which surprises me a little.


  7. Michelle, I like how you break this all down. The :great for you” section is really helpful.
    There are so many organizational tools out there, it’s hard to know which one is a good fit for me.

    It’s cool to have someone who knows how to organize and plan describe the good and bad points.


  8. Thanks for the review. The description really appealed to me and made me curious. And I’m also going to check Wunderlist and then compare both of them. It feels that I need to introduce some tools to make my life less hectic.


  9. Well done with this Hitask review, I think it’s a great tool A great and easy way to manage our tasks. Jess and I have actually been struggling with task management and the most effective way to delegate and track – thank you so much! xoxo


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