I think the concept of is absolutely fascinating and this is the first time I’ve seen a tool like this not only created, but developed so that it (appears to throughout my testing, at least) works great. The idea is that you put in your tasks & a time estimate of how long they’ll take, along with how many hours you can work each day, and after you prioritize your tasks, automatically plans out your next several weeks for you. ¬†They have free plans (up to 20 tasks) and a paid plan ($12/month, unlimited tasks, daily agenda email, and ability to create tasks by email).

Like I noted in the video, I see a few potential pitfalls here:

  • Switching cost (that 5-15 minute buffer time between tasks where you’re not fully engaged in either one)
  • People are notoriously bad at estimating how long something takes
  • People are also notoriously bad at estimating how many hours of actual work they can get done in a day

I think that a user could modify their time estimates/weekly templates to compensate for these accordingly, though.

I see as being primarily ideal for solopreneurs or people coordinating with small teams – I do think the collaboration features would eliminate a lot of email back & forth and help keep everyone on the same page when it came to things like deadlines and priorities. I’m not sure how well it would work for larger teams (3+ people) or projects that needed a lot of notes/discussion – you’d need to have a really good system set up in Google Docs or Evernote for team notes and discussion to keep from creating a wild amount of email confusion. I’m not sure if that’s something they’re planning on addressing in future releases, but either way, is an interesting idea done well that could be really useful for the solopreneur with time management issues.

(PS: Yeah, this is the first video review where you can see exactly how messy my bookmark bar/tab list is. Don’t judge me.)¬†