Review: ToDoist

ToDoist is one of the more popular task management apps out there, and I finally got around to reviewing it. I’m not really sure what to add here in the notes, as the tool is so simple the video covers it all. It’s got:

  • a minimalist interface
  • ability to create recurring tasks
  • some color coding (but fairly minimal)
  • drag & drop functionality

And several more features in the premium version ($29/year), including mobile and email reminders, notes, ability to sync with iCal/G-Cal, a better label system, and task searching.

Would I use ToDoist, paid or free? No, but that’s because it’s not really robust enough for what I do, the color coding is fairly minimal (like I said), and I’m definitely not a fan of the minimalist aesthetic. They do have WeDoist, which is a project management tool meant for teams and might be good for those people who like ToDoist but need something a little more hardcore. Otherwise, if you tend towards the minimalist and want some basic color coding/ability to add recurring tasks, definitely check out ToDoist – you’d probably enjoy it!


  1. In general I’m not a huge fan of the minimalist aesthetic either, but that’s actually one of the things I love about ToDoist. I feel like it gives you space to think. I also really like being able to create sub lists, and that email they send showing a graph of your productivity can be pretty addicting.

    Unfortunately no matter how much I love it, it doesn’t mesh with the way I work well enough, so I don’t use it. It’s still one of my favorites though, so I encourage everyone to try it out. That’s really the only way to find the right app for you.


    • Yeah, I hadn’t played around much with the sub list functionality – sub lists or task lists are one of the things that I think more apps should have! The productivity graph is something I hadn’t witnessed since I hadn’t used it long enough. I definitely think that testing things out is really the only way to find the perfect app/shoe/chocolate cake. 😉 Thanks for throwing in your 2c love!


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