Roundup: seven standout project/task management apps

In my quest for the perfect productivity tool, I have found a lot of other things – things that might not be the best for me, but have unique features (which stand out in a sea of lookalikes, believe you me), and would actually be fairly difficult to do a video review of, for one of any reasons:

  • the unique features make it difficult to give a quick overview of
  • the system is well-designed, but complex enough that I would have to spend 2-3 hours inputting enough data/tasks to actually give a thorough review
  • the tool is designed for a very specific target market, of which I am not one (web designers, for example)

SO. I bring you this roundup instead – a quick’n’dirty overview of seven awesome tools & what makes them different. Let’s go!


What makes it different: Apollo integrates task and project management with time-tracking and CRM (customer relations management). You can use it not only to track your project progress, but keep track of all of your clients, when you last talked to them or interacted with them, and how long you’re spending on your tasks. Ability to categorize and create task lists within a project is handy, also has a calendar view with tasks & events/appointments. (I almost ended up using Apollo, but I need something a bit more intense as far as time-tracking goes, so I didn’t.) 

Price: Free trial, $14/month for lowest priced plan

Mobile: No apps yet, but the mobile site worked flawlessly on my iPhone.


What makes it different: Skinnyboard has a very visual interface – it’s also designed for coding teams. It looks like there’s a lot of different ways to look at the data. (I signed up for a free trial but as I am not and never have been a coder, most of the language is pretty Greek to me.)

Price: Free trial, $15/month after that

Mobile: No


What makes it different: It has an ADORABLE mascot and is well designed. Plus, it has a very visual interface – it looks similar to Trello but with color coding and  a slightly better interface. I haven’t fully tested this out yet, having only recently discovered it due to a tip from Andy, but I’m planning on playing around with it more.

Price: Free!

Mobile: Yes (main page says it works on iPhone/iPad, not sure if it’s a mobile version of the site or an actual app)


What makes it different: Solo is gorgeous. It’s also explicitly designed for teams-of-one, which is something I’ve never seen before. It appears to be mostly geared towards freelancers who work on a per-project basis (seems most users are designers), but I haven’t fully explored it yet. (Although, they’re releasing a team version, Studio, at some as-yet-undetermined point in 2012.)

Price: Free trial, $12/month after that

Mobile: Not yet, Android & iPhone apps in the works

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 10.29.35 AM


What makes it different: FacileThings is GTD for the lazy person. They’ve gone & created a tool that walks you through, step by step, the entire GTD system and tells you what to do the entire way. Bonus: well designed.

Price: Try for free until June 1st, after that €9/month (approx. $11.50 USD)

Mobile: iPhone, don’t see mention of Android



What makes it different: ProjectManager is an online tool that allows you to manage multiple projects in real time. You will never be out of touch because your project progress will be available online, every minute of the day. You can:

  •  Manage your team
  • Track projects online
  • Report on progress, across the web
  • Get an up to date view 24hrs/day
  • Allow suppliers and customers to login
  • Report on projects

Also, it’s easy to use – each new project loads in a new tab just like your browser, so you can navigate between projects easily.

Price: Free 30 day trial, starts at $25/user/month (for 1-5 users), with discounts after that for more users

Mobile: Free iPhone and iPad apps


What makes it different: Taskk is very new, and I actually just got an invite to beta this weekend, so I had to go in and edit this post quicklike. It’s unique in that you input your tasks across your various projects, their order of importance, and estimated time each task will take. Then you tell it how many working hours you’ll have across the next few weeks and it automatically schedules your tasks out, based on your task priorities and time lengths. Pretty nifty!

Price: Free (still in beta, no idea if they’ll be charging later)

Mobile: I haven’t tested it out on my iPhone, but they designed the site to look good and function on mobile devices as well as computers.

And there you have it ladies & gentlemen! Seven standout project management apps. Is there anything you’d add to the list? Let me know, because I might do a second list if I come up with enough!


  1. Awesome list! I’m so tempted to try them all but right now I am crazy happy with Trello. It’s not pretty, although prettier than some, but damn if it isn’t easy to use. I love that I can go to the site and almost immediately do what I need. Right out of the box it’s ready to use. And my favorite part is that it’s a digital version of my favorite meatspace way of getting a handle on things: jotting notes on dozens of index cards.

    All my clients love it too.


    • Trello IS pretty awesome! It didn’t turn out right for me, but I do like it. 🙂 I think being happy with something & sticking with it is admirable…one danger of me constantly reviewing these things is that I have to talk myself out of switching every time I find something shiny and new! But I think I’ve found one for me for long term, so that’s good.


  2. It appears these all require being online to function? I work in offline spots with no smartphone quite often. Pay per month implies online-dependent. Any thoughts?


    • Lynn, I believe with several of them you can download an app to your computer (or there’s an app for Chrome) that lets you access it while offline and then it will sync up again when you’re online. I’m not 110% for sure though which of them have something like this and which of them don’t. A lot of the “bigger names” do (Asana is one that comes to mind, I think they have a feature like that) so I’d think several of these would as well.


  3. Speaking of different, I’ve got one that really zigs where the other zag. I’ve spent 20 years using tools like these as an IT manager and Michelle, you sure hit the nail on the head when you said it was hard to find “Mr. PM App Right.” IMO, the biggest hurdle is getting one your team will use.

    With that in mind, I developed It has the same feature list as all the others, but with a whole new twist. It keeps track of what you do and awards you fun badges for getting things done. And it saves all your badges and points in a profile that accumulates all the great stuff you’ve done. Your profile is like your personal highlight reel full of accolades from your team and knicknacks of your former glorious moments.

    PropsToYou is about celebrating the awesome work you do. Not just helping you organize it. Check it out!


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