Behind the Scenes: How I curate my newsletter links

One of the questions I get a lot is:

Michelle, how do you find all the awesome stuff you share in your newsletter?

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It’s actually a pretty simple process – I made a quick video showing you exactly what I do and what tools I use (Feedly, Evernote, & Pocket)

And then, when it comes time to schedule my newsletter, bada-bing! I just head to my Evernote and pop the links in the appropriate spot. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Oh, and if you liked this video, you might also be interested in this post: three ways to make scheduling your next newsletter easier + faster. (You know how I talk in the video about how I have a template? Personal note, shop talk, link love? That’s one of the tips from that article.) 

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  1. Woah! Great minds think alike! Your setup is nearly identical to mine. The only difference is that I also have an IFTTT script set up that backs up all my Pocket articles to Evernote. Nerd.


    • LOVE that! I haven’t got to play around with IFTTT as much as I want to, because for some reason my ISP hates their website (yes, really) so I can’t log in online from home. But that sounds ingenious. High fives from a fellow nerd 😉


      • Oh what a shame! IFTTT is fantastic, especially since they’ve added a Feedly channel 😀 if you can manage to get it working, you’ll love it.


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