Case Study: eShakti

I did something a little different with this week’s video post! Instead of reviewing a particular tool, I did a case study of one of my favorite online businesses, eShakti, and showed how systematizing & streamlining can work even with physical products.

What you can learn from eShakti:

  1. Streamline your offerings as you grow, to make things easier for you. (eShakti used to do everything – now they do dresses, tops, & skirts, with a strong emphasis on cute retro-inspired dresses.)
  2. If you’re offering customized offerings, find the highest points of leverage when it comes to customization, and focus on those. (eShakti’s specialty in dresses, and the style of dresses that they do, mean that they only have to focus on three main points of customization – bust, waist, & hips – and the style of dresses + the construction of those dresses means that there’s a lot less work involved in making them fit a custom figure.) 
  3. Make the intake/purchase process as easy as possible. (eShakti has their checkout process setup so that it’s entirely automated, even if you’re buying a custom sized piece, and there’s no back & forth or Q&A involved.)