Review: Teamweek

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How Teamweek works:

It’s basically a really pretty, interactive Gantt chart. In case that means nothing to you, what it translates to is that you can see how long tasks are supposed to take and see them overlapped on top of each other in a visual way, instead of just seeing them as a list of boxes to check. There’s also:

  • color coding
  • to-do lists/subtasks
  • milestones
  • ability to assign things to a person
  • project & client labels

Pricing: $4/month for each “manager” user, $2/month for each normal user

How it could work for solopreneurs:

Teamweek is clearly advertised/intended towards teams of 3+ people, but I wanted to see if I could come up with ways that solopreneurs or smaller teams could make it useful,

  • The first thing that came to mind would be using it monthly or quarterly planning. It gives you a nice clean way to see how your projects and other life events (family visiting, you travelling, etc.) overlap/interact with each other – this is the first way I show to use it, from 0:00 to about 4:10 in the video
  • It could also be used for visual weekly planning, depending on your organizational needs, as highlighted from 4:10-7:13 in the video
  • It’d be GREAT for launch planning – it would let you see how all the pieces overlap (I show this from 7:13 to 9:40 in the video)

If you’re a really creative type and want something that compliments a more “to do list”-y app (like Wunderlist), I think Teamweek would definitely be worth the $4/month. And if you’re planning a launch and want to keep everything on track, it’d definitely be worth looking at as well. I don’t think I’m going to become a regular user of it (I’ve gotten spoiled by Google Docs integration/notes/etc.) but I’ll definitely be sending people to them and probably using it to help plan my next multi-person launch. Definitely check it out!


  1. I just signed up for this because I like the ‘to do’ list capability under the tasks, but the Teamweek I just signed up for does not do this. I emailed support and they said “I’m afraid this seems to some kind of other version of the tool we haven’t created”.

    I would prefer the version you showed in this blog – where did you find it?



    • Hi Holly! Assuming that you signed up at (that’s the app that I reviewed here), I would probably chalk the difference up to the fact that I recorded the review in 2013 – they may have changed their functionality in the meantime. Sorry about that, I hope you’re able to find another tool that suits your needs!


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