Review: Streak for Gmail/Google Apps

Streak is an amazing, flexible (and free!) app that can be added to Gmail or Google Apps email accounts. The idea is that it lets you set up different “pipelines” (for example, a sales pipeline, or you can also set up one for tracking guest posting pitches) and then it gives you a pretty, easy-to-use interface that sorts the emails associated with particular “boxes” (with the client funnel example, a box would be a potential client name).

Honestly, at least as far as freelance usage goes, Streak pretty much takes the cake for a lightweight CRM that makes it super-easy to keep on top of potential client follow up.ย It’s better than anything else I’ve found to keep you organized in getting from “just pitched” to “sealing the deal.” I highly recommend it if you use Google Apps or Gmail, although I’d also still recommend using and maintaining a separate system (like Contactually) for keeping track of and following up with past clients or customers of your products/classes. (The Client Follow Up Action Kit can also help with that!)

Other notes:


  1. I’ve been looking for a simple, easily managed CRM solution for a while. Streak seems to be the ticket.
    Great review. Thanks for sharing.


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  3. Hey Michelle,

    It’s like coming a full circle, isn’t it? All those giant CRM systems like and SugarCRM do exist but for small businesses that want to take it easy on their wallets, Streak does hold promise.

    Our own product [link at] is pretty much built on the same lines for productivity within Gmail so as to let gmail users get more productivity, manage products and tasks, from within their Gmail Inbox.



    • Hi Niraj! Yep, I’m glad we’re starting to see competition to those huuuuge apps that were really only meant for enterprise level businesses with lots of employees and leads to keep track of at any given time. I’ll check out Grexit–it sounds interesting! ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Hello, I started using streak since a month. I think there is a HUGE problem with its accuracy in which device or via which email it is viewed.
    When I tested this app, I sent an email to one of my account. And viewed it. No problem, everything was alright. But the ACTUAL problem started when I viewed the an email sent to another person on my phone via MY ACCOUNT, and it added it as being viewed when I know that the said person didn’t view that email. So my question is: That how come it tracks and displays the views, when I MYSELF View it from MY account on another device and NOT the recipient??
    I think that you guys should really fix that bug ASAP.


    • Hi Tara,

      I don’t work with the Streak team and I’m not affiliated with them in any way, I just am a happy user of the product and reviewed it. I’d suggest getting in touch via the contact or support forms at their site:


  5. Hi Michelle, I couldn’t agree more with your points. Streak is amazing for managing your leads within your (gmail) inbox.

    There’s a few additional tools which gives our sales team a killer-combination.

    1. Rapportive. Simply install it and see for yourself. No explanation needed.

    2. – This works incredibly well to fill up your CRM. The tool allows your team to find and build targeted leads from search engines including how to get in contact with them (email, phone etc). This has been not only a massive time-saving but also provides targeted details and is more cost-effective than purchasing marketing data on a per 1000 basis.

    3. Yesware. Provides some good insights into the CRM and how much or little customers are reviewing your emails out.

    I hope these recommendations help. They work extremely well for our team.


    • Thank you so much for the additions! I’ll check these out and maybe add them to my list of things to review. ๐Ÿ™‚


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