How to Manage Your Own Projects as a Freelancer

I recently wrapped up a course for, all about project management for freelance developers. Here’s a preview: a lesson that’s applicable to all freelancers, covering managing your own projects–including how to avoid scope creep, communicating better via email, managing client feedback, and more. Enjoy!

You can learn more about the course here, and if you want to download the slides for reference/notes, here ya go.


  1. Golden tips, Michelle! I think every freelancer has some bad memories when they hear the phrase “scope creep”! Getting everything in writing and agreed-to will definitely make everyone happy 🙂

    PS: I can’t see any default values in the commenting form or any *s (Chrome 42, MacBook Air)


    • Thanks Tom! I’m glad you liked the video (and totally agree re: scope creep *shudder*). And thanks for the tip about the commenting, I’ll look into that.


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