Favorite things: March edition

Continuing the new feature I started last month and expanding a bit, here’s the best of the web that I’m using, reading, and writing!


Clippings.io: Store and organize Kindle notes


Clippings does what should probably be built in Kindle functionality: makes it easy for you to organize your Kindle notes. I’m sure I’m not the only one who mostly stopped taking notes because of how hard it is to look at and organize all of them! Clippings solves that issue by letting you export, then annotate, tag, and export (including an Evernote sync!). It’s pretty sweet and very easy to use.

Calm: Free meditation app


Last month, I talked about Headspace; Calm is now my preferred app over it. The paid upgrades cost less, for one. For another thing, it doesn’t automatically force you into a beginner meditation course when you download the app. I’ve been using the sleep meditation and I’m going to be testing out a lot more of the other ones. Plus, you can also customize the background noise that plays while the meditation runs. Love. It.

Grid Diary: Journaling app


There’s a lot of data that says journaling (especially gratitude journaling) has strong positive benefits. I’ve been wanting to start doing it again, but hadn’t found a way to make it easy. Grid Diary was my solution. You can modify the grids, and have as little or as many “modules” (questions); it’s an easy way to stay mindful about your day. My questions?

  • Did I exercise today?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What are three good things about today?
  • How can I make tomorrow better?

I’m not quite in the daily habit yet, but I’m improving!

Drops: Free language learning app


Drops is educational and yet somehow super addictive. Like really. It’s replaced Two Dots, which is saying something (and I’m sure my brain is better for it). I can spell orange juice in German! Drops currently supports German, Spanish, English, French, and Italian. It’s so fun, and totally free, so whether you’re learning something new or just want to keep your vocabulary fresh, check it out.



On Bombchelle:


Behind the scenes sneak peek for things coming up:

All right, that’s it for this month. What about you? What did you read that you loved? Do anything fun? I’m moving today (eep!) and then directly going in to taking my first real 100% no work not a family visit vacation in almost six years. I’m so excited!

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