What’s your workspace telling you?

A couple of notes:

First off, apologies for the cat meowing + phone ringing interruption in the video. I was going to re-record, but to be honest, this was like my tenth take already (lots of camera issues!) so I figured I’d best not tempt fate.

Books mentioned: A Whole New Mind by Dan Pink & How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci by Michael Gelb

What I mean by taking a daily/monthly goals template & turning it into a mini dry erase board:

Taking something like this (except I’m creating my own), printing it out, and framing it a la this – so that the goals template is covered by glass and magically becomes dry-erase-able. Voila! One each for daily and monthly goals/priorities. (I’m still planning on using my paper planner – which is also always on my desk – for laying out my weeks.)

And that’s about it! Any questions? Any thoughts on how you’re going to improve your workspace? 

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