Review: Improvely

(The maintenance dude came to fix my toilet right as I was wrapping up the video. Whoops!) 

Improvely is my favorite analytics tool I’ve tried so far, and I cover how/why it’s super useful in the video above. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Price: $29/month for the freelancer plan (which should suit most needs)

Features + usefulness: 

  • integrates with WooCommerce and WordPress
  • easy to view statistics
  • ability to track conversions (including email list signups)
  • which lets you track results of paid advertising…
  • and results of guest posts
  • so that you can easily see where your efforts are paying off & focus on those higher leverage areas!


It’s my birthday on Saturday!

And to celebrate I’m doing five days of Rock the System being free, starting today. In case you don’t know, Rock the System is my bestselling and it’s geared especially towards creative business owners who usually shy away from systems-based information. It will help you bring in more clients, take better care of the ones you have, and generally get more shit done. Whether you’re a freelance writer, a graphic designer, a life coach, or any other creative entrepreneur with an online business, you’ll find the resources you need inside Rock the System so that you can get your work done and have fun.

If you’ve already picked it up, want to help me spread the word? Think of it as your birthday present to me. 😉

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