Boys, Booze, and Business: Episode 1

IT’S FINALLY UP. I’ve only been trying to get this going since, uh, March.

Listen to Shenee and I jam on an awkward story of a major OKCupid faux pas, with the booze part starting at 10:23, I upend the bottle of rum into my drink at 11:46 (let’s be fair there wasn’t that much left though), business comes at 13:18, with us mostly talking about failure and pivoting.

My favorite part:

Me: I’m not saying get into a bar fight…

Shenee: That would have been cool though.

Me: Yeah. That would have been cool.

Shenee, looking at the camera: We don’t condone violence, though.

Me: …I have get in a bar fight on my bucket list.

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