Review: Inflowlive

Inflowlive is a form-building tool (currently in beta, which means it’s free!). The main difference from other form building tools is that it offers automation workflows many other form building tools don’t; namely, you can set it to trigger an email or a series of emails to people when they don’t complete the form.

Other notes: 

  • The best use case I see for freelancers & service based businesses: client intake forms. No more having to nag people to fill them out – it all happens automatically without you having to worry about it, and with the ability to see who filled what out, when, from one dashboard (no more scurrying around in your inbox).
  • Once it’s filled out, there are the standard form builder features like link redirection that can send the client to your scheduling calendar, so everything from intake to booking can happen mostly automatically.
  • In the video, I mentioned that I was guessing the forms were mobile responsive – I did check on my phone right after I was done recording and they look great on mobile phones.
  • Currently in open beta, and free, as mentioned.