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Review: Redbooth

Review notes:

  • Teambox is now Redbooth
  • As far as the productivity features go, they’ve updated the look quite a bit (now more streamlined & much easier to navigate), added recurring tasks, and added conversation features (along with a nifty ability to customize the colors of workspaces!)
  • They’ve also added a lot of new communication features – not just the conversations/comments that go along with tasks, but video and voice calling and instant-messaging within teams.
  • And they’ve¬†added new apps (iOS and Android)
  • Plans start at $5/user/month

Good for you if: you’re a solo user that wants something sort of like a mash-up of Asana and Trello, or you’re managing a team and want to completely get rid of email, having one place for conversations and tasks.

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  1. Thanks and nice update. They need to think about branding a bit. REDBooth maybe they need to think about coordinating the look to coincide with the name… I. e. Red v. Blue.

    Thanks again.
    Asana User Considering a Move to RB

    Bill Booth


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