Freelance Portfolio Review: Ransom Patterson

Ransom’s question: Is it focused enough? Are my client testimonials too long?


  • Good use of bolding & formatting throughout!
  • I think it’s currently focused enough, but you could hone in more by specifying that you tend to work with authors in the B2B or B2C realm, or financial, or educational industries, etc. – depending on how specific you want to make it.
  • The client testimonials are a little long. In general, when working with testimonials, you can cut a lot of the “before” stuff, as your potential clients are already familiar with the before. They already know they don’t have the time/energy to handle writing, or that they’re not good at it, or what happens when they send out something with typos.
  • To help mitigate that, if you wanted to, you could add some of the “setting the stage” type copy at the top of the “portfolio” page. Something like, “My clients come to me because…” or “Whether you’re X, Y, or Z, my services can help…”
  • The biggest thing: there aren’t any writing samples anywhere! It looks like some of this is probably ghostwritten, so this might be a little trickier to work around. But if you can, add a few writing samples for each of the showcased clients – knowing that you have happy clients is great, but potential clients want to see what you’ve actually done.

Reader takeaway + homework: Show potential clients what you can do! Make a list of the three things you’re proudest of as a service provider (whether it’s your flexibility, your ability to mimic different writing/aesthetic styles, your ability to work with CEOs – whatever) and make sure that your work samples showcase those different traits.

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