Freelance Austin April 2015 Panel

Hope you liked the panel! Here’s some suggested resources and apps/tools I mentioned in the panel, assuming we had time. ūüėČ If we didn’t have time, they’re still worth checking out!


Google Analytics is great, but can be confusing to figure out.¬†Here’s a few resources:

Also, SumAll has a free plan and can help you look at your metrics and see how they’re interacting. Video review explaining more here.

Useful apps: 

  • Evernote is how I keep all my content ideas organized. Video example showing how I use it for my newsletter here. I also use the web clipper to clip pages of apps that I want to review, and tag it with “reviews”, putting it in my Bombchelle Blog notebook. Whenever I want to review an app, I have tons of them at my fingertips!
  • Trello is great for keeping everyone (or just you!) organized on an editorial calendar and tracking piece progress. Video on using it for editorial calendars (or tracking guest posting efforts) here.
  • Coschedule is a WordPress plugin that makes it so, so easy to schedule social shares from right inside WP, and it also has some editorial calendar functionality. It could arguably replace Trello, depending on the team setup/systems. It’s the only one on this list that’s not free, but it’s amazing. Video here.
  • BuzzSumo is good for competitive research/brainstorming ideas, along with Twitter, Quora, Reddit, etc.
  • Asana is my main project management tool; it does have a built in project template for editorial calendars, which is useful if you/your team is inside Asana already, but mostly, it’s my absolute favorite project management tool and it’s a great way to stay organized overall (which will make this whole process a lot easier). Video walkthrough on how I use it here.

Want to keep up?

You can find me on Twitter here (more social links in the footer) and if you want to stay in touch via email, there’s more info on that here. Thanks for coming to the panel and have a great day!